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Boston Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Chapter 7 PetitionThere are times when someone simply needs a fresh financial start. Such people may not think that declaring bankruptcy is an option for them, especially those who own a home, own a car, or have a job. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to declare bankruptcy while not giving up all of your belongings. Our Boston chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys will assist you in understanding your options and whether you are eligible for the process. Contact our office today to speak with a lawyer. We also service Cambridge, Salem, Dedham, Worcester, and other Massachusetts areas.

Boston bankruptcy lawyers assisting those who wish to file for chapter 7

The United States bankruptcy laws are meant to protect those who need a fresh start. In order to file chapter 7, one must pass the “means test” and must not have filed bankruptcy in the previous eight years. A hearing, known as a “meeting of creditors,” will be held roughly thirty days after the initial Petition is filed. Depending on whether or not creditors show up to the hearing, there may be a requirement that the Petitioner answer questions about their filing. The Petitioner is permitted a number of “exemptions.” This means that they are permitted to keep property, of various types, up to a certain value. If the Petitioner has property in excess of those values then their attorney may be able to work out a payment arrangement in which they will be able to keep the property.

Our Boston bankruptcy lawyers will use your initial consultation to help you understand whether you are eligible for the chapter 7 process. We will help you assemble all the necessary documentation to prepare your Petition. We will attend the meeting of creditors with you and will ensure that you are prepared for the process. It is our goal to complete your case in as efficient and as cost effective a method as possible. We focus on legal issues such as this so that you may focus on the most important thing – your future. Contact us today.

We also assist Massachusetts residents in the Middlesex County cities of Cambridge, Lowell, Somerville, and Newton, as well as those in the cities of Salem, Dedham, Worcester, Brockton, Quincy, and Lynn.

Attorneys making themselves available to Bostonians with questions about chapter 7

Our lawyers understand that the bankruptcy process can seem overwhelming. It is our goal to ease this burden. Our attorneys stay in regular contact with Bostonians who are going through the process. This includes providing clients with their cell phone numbers, quickly responding to phone calls, and making themselves available to answer questions. We promise this level of service in each and every case we handle.