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Man arrested at nightThis is the first post in a series which will discuss the process of defending against domestic violence charges in Boston, Massachusetts. We feel it is necessary to write on this issue due the devastating impact that a conviction can have on one’s future. Also, and sadly, there may be no other charge in all of criminal law that is as likely to be based on false allegations. The goal of this article is to help people to better understand their situation. It is also our goal to provide information which will assist with the selection of a criminal defense attorney. If you or a loved one have been arrested then contact our office today to speak with a lawyer.

We will be addressing a number of topics over our coming articles. Matters which we will discuss include:

  • Why domestic violence charges are sometimes based on false allegations
  • The process one faces in a domestic violence case
  • Claiming self-defense in such matters
  • What to expect at trial
  • Massachusetts’ penalties for a conviction

There are several reasons why we are choosing to address these topics. First, it is not uncommon for false allegations to be made in such matters. Such allegations may stem from a person’s efforts to gain an advantage in child custody or divorce proceedings. It is also not uncommon for an “angry ex” to fabricate claims. Second, knowing what to expect from the process can help a defendant to have reasonable expectations. Third, it is not uncommon for a party to be arrested when they, in fact, were defending themselves. Fourth, knowing what to expect at trial can help to ensure that things go smoothly. Finally, the penalties which one faces will impact their decision as to how they wish to proceed.

One point we cannot stress enough is that you should contact a Boston criminal defense lawyer immediately if you or a family member have been arrested. It is important to immediately contact counsel so that they may begin the process of building a defense. This process can include interviewing witnesses, viewing the scene of the incident (if possible), and filing any necessary Motions with the Court. Our attorneys are experienced in handling such matters and we believe that everyone is entitled to aggressive representation. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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