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Sad child in parkThis is the next post in our series on the handling of cases involving supervised child visitation. Our last article discussed the process of requesting supervised visitation in Boston. It is important to understand that the Family Court will only grant such restrictions when it is in the best interests of the child. Whether or not the Court will grant such a request will always depend on the specific facts of the case. This is why it is important to retain a family law attorney who is experienced in handling such matters. In this article we will discuss how a mother or father may go about winning back unsupervised time with their child. If you require assistance then contact our office today to speak with a lawyer.

It is rare for a Family Court Judge to order that child visitation be supervised on a permanent basis. Such rulings typically only occur in extreme circumstances, such as those where a parent has sexually abused a child. Instead, most orders of supervision will set a series of requirements which a parent must reach before they can enjoy more liberal visitation. The requirements which a parent must satisfy will be based on the reason for which visitation was supervised in the first place. If, for example, a parent was found to be abusing drugs then their time will typically be supervised until they can be trusted to be drug free. The Court may require that such a parent take regularly scheduled drug tests and that status checks be held regularly in order to see how the parent is progressing. This is just one example of how unsupervised visitation is usually obtained. In other words, gaining conventional visitation is dependent on showing that a dangerous situation has been corrected and not on the passage of time.

If a parent is hoping to win back time with their child then it is important to do more than simply correct the problem with prompted supervised visitation. It will also be necessary to show that the parent is capable of caring for the child. This will include having a suitable place to live, making sure that there is food and other necessities in the home, and showing that one is generally able to provide a nurturing environment. It is generally suggested that one have a plan for ensuring that the child timely completes their homework and that other necessary structures are in place.

If you are a parent and wish to gain unsupervised visitation then it is strongly suggested that you retain an attorney to assist you. Counsel will help you to understand what is required of you and will work to move your case through the system as quickly as possible. Our Boston child custody lawyers are familiar with handling such matters. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. We also assist Massachusetts residents in the Middlesex County cities of Cambridge, Lowell, Somerville, and Newton, as well as those in the cities of Salem, Dedham, Worcester, Brockton, Quincy, and Lynn.