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Girl curled up in cornerThis is the first post in a series which will discuss the topic of supervised child visitation in Boston, Massachusetts family law cases. We are writing on this topic due to the fact that many parents are unaware of how the Court will address this issue. Many parents wish for the Court to order supervised visits when there is no basis to do so. Likewise, there may be situations in which a Court will order such an arrangement but the primary caretaker has yet to request it. The goal of our coming articles is to provide information which help people to better understand their situation. It is also our goal to provide information which will help people make an informed decision when they are selecting an attorney. If you require assistance then contact us today to speak with a lawyer.

We will be addressing a number of topics over our coming articles. Issues which we will analyze include:

  • Reasons for which the Court may order supervised visitation
  • Filing for an emergency change of custody hearing
  • What to expect during supervised visits
  • The process of litigating a request to modify custody
  • How a parent may win unsupervised visitation with their child

There are several reasons why it is important to understand these issues. First, there are many instances when the danger to a child is obvious. There are many instances, however, when more subtle warning signs can require a parent to file a Motion with the Court. Second, it is important to understand that disagreements over parenting styles or decisions will not lead to Court ordered supervised visits. Moreover, general assertions that a parent is unfit will not result in supervised visits. The parent making such a request must support it with objective and verifiable evidence. Third, understanding the process, from the filing of your initial Motion through trial, is vital to making sure that the matter goes smoothly. Finally, if you are a parent whose visitation is currently supervised then there are steps you can take to change the situation.

One point we cannot stress enough is that you should contact an attorney immediately if you believe your situation warrants supervised visitation. The longer you allow the situation to persist then, typically, the more likely a Judge will be to view the matter as a non-emergency. Our Boston child custody lawyers are experienced in handling such matters and we are ready to assist you. Contact us today.

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