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Child custody and visitationThis is the next post in our discussion on supervised visitation in Boston child custody cases. Our last article discussed the process of filing a request for supervised visitation. It is important that your initial Motion contain facts and evidence which supports your request. Failing to do so can result in the Judge outright denying your Motion. In this article we will discuss what parents can expect from the supervised visitation process if their Motion is granted. An experienced attorney can help you to ensure that the rules of visitation are properly followed. If you require assistance then contact our office today to speak with a lawyer.

Boston’s Probate and Family Law Court will designate the time and manner of any supervised child visits

Boston’s Probate and Family Law Court will determine who will serve as a supervisor at the time that it orders a change in visitation. In order to avoid conflict the Court will typically not have the other parent serve as the supervisor. To the extent possible, the Judge will prefer a party who can be neutral about the situation. Visitation may take place at the home of the supervisor but, often, will be held at a public place (such as a park or a restaurant with a “play place”). This will provide the child with a safe environment while ensuring that the parent-child relationship is maintained.

It is important that the supervised parent not discuss the case with the child. It is also important that they not demean the other parent in front of the child. Visitation is a time for relationship-building between the supervised individual and their son or daughter. If the supervised parent runs afoul of these requirements then there is a chance that their visitation will be restricted even further.

A Boston parent can go back to Court if the rules of supervised visitation are violated

It is important that a parent take immediate action if a supervised individual violates the rules of their visitation. Say, for example, that one is using their visitation time to “coach” the child in regards to the case or to demean the other parent. The non-offending parent could file a Motion to hold the supervised parent in contempt of the Court’s orders. They could also ask that visitation be reduced, if not suspended, until trial is held in the matter. A Court’s primary concern will always be the best interests of the children and not ensuring that an irresponsible parent has time with their son or daughter. If the rules of visitation have been violated then it is important to contact your attorney immediately so that the matter may be dealt with appropriately.

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